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Data de înscriere : 17/05/2016
Varsta : 21
Localizare : Timisoara

MesajSubiect: [MODEL]RQUEST RANK ADMIN [ENGLISH]   Mar Mai 17, 2016 6:31 pm

Nick Server |Necessary|:
Real Name |Not Necessary|:
Evidence that you old enough|Necessary Read NOTE|:
Rank Level |Rank Lvl 1-10 Read RULES|:
Enough Hours |Picture of /stats from server|:
Why do you want this rank |Explain clearly please|:
Type of internet |So you wont cause any lag on the server|:
Be activ on forum |Be activ on the forum at least 3-4 days a week yes/no|:
A rule from the server |Tel a rule from the server|:

NOTE:You have to be above 14 to get into the RES1 STAFF team

Buy hours!: 10 hours = 1 euro
20 hours = 2 euro
30 hours = 3 euro
40 hours = 4 euro
50 hours = 5 euro
60 hours = 6 euro
70 hours = 7 euro
80 hours = 8 euro
90 hours = 9 euro
100 hours = 10 euro

For more informati on about shoping, Contact :[SG]rollercaster Skype: rollercaster.samp Yahoo:

Atention!: Do not make random REQUESTS for example a reason why you want the rank for " I want to get a rank because I never had one! And I will help the server " That will not make sense to us, We will DENY the Request straight away.

RULES: At least 2-3 years experienc e as an Administrator needed. If not we will DENY the REQUEST

For Users/Founders/Admins: Don't forget to give a sau

Romanian Epic Style-Staff Duty HERE
Sus In jos
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